Laubacher Family - 120 Years of Farming
laubacher historical

Fourth generation Farmers.
Farming the same land where our first sugar beets were harvested 120 years ago.

1897 - Father John Laubacher

Father John Laubacher started the migration of the Laubacher clan from Malvern, Ohio to Oxnard, California. He was sent out to lead the Santa Clara church in Oxnard. He started St. John's Hospital in Oxnard, which was named after him. The regional hospital was established in 1912 by the Sisters of Mercy at the request of Father John. Community leaders approached him a year earlier concerned that the healthcare services did not adequately meet the needs of the thousands of residents who had settled on the Oxnard plains. The hospital opened as a six-room wooden structure on ten acres of land.

1902 - Father John's brother, Ben

Father John's brother, Ben worked two years as a "weigh master" weighing beets for the American Sugar Beet Co before he and his brothers Frank and Joe established the farm.
It began with a dairy farm on Teal Club, and began farming sugar beets & dry beans. They also grew hay for their horses who plowed the crops. Ben continued the farm from 1932-1956. Ben was active in civic and ranching affairs, having served two terms as president of the Ventura County Farm Bureau. Ben served on the "Farm war board" locally during WWII. The war board was responsible for rationing farm machinery and draft deferments of agricultural workers. Ben was president of the Oxnard Drainage District No.1 which administered subsurface drainage to improve the farmland west and south of Oxnard. Ben was a director of the Oxnard local of the California Lima Bean Growers Association. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus Oxnard Council 750 and a grand knight in 1922. He was also a past district deputy of the K. of C. He was a member of the Holy Name Society and was one of the original members of the St. John's Hospital Humanitarians.

1942 - Ben bought 160 acres on Hueneme Rd.

Ben bought 160 acres on Hueneme Rd, after government seized his 60 acre ranch to build the Seabee Base after the Pearl Harbor Attack.

1945 - Bob, starts farming

Just two of Ben's nine children, Steve and Bob, went into farming.
Steve farmed with his father Ben from 1948-1956, The grew spinach, beans, sugar beets and broccoli.

1956 - Ben Retires

Ben retired in 1956, he turned the farm over to his sons. From 1956-1965, Steve Sr & his brother Bob started Laubacher Bros. They grew beans, broccoli and spinach for Oxnard Frozen Foods. Eventually they drew straws to see who would stay and who would go. Bob bought a farm and moved to Idaho while Steve stayed in Oxnard.

1963 - Ben passes away at age 80

1963 - Ben passed away at age 80 and the 75 acre ranch at Victoria and Channel Islands and Hemlock, was sold to Jack Rau, a Beverly Hills attorney.

1965 - Steve Senior

Steve Sr. grew beans in the summer and rents ranch to Nishimori Brothers in winter to grow celery.

1973 - Steve Sr. and Ortega Chile Company

Steve Sr. becomes field man for Ortega Chile Company for 20 years.

1975 - Year Round Farming

Hank Senior starts farming year round, growing broccoli, beans and peppers.

1982 - Laubacher Farms Incorporated

Laubacher Farms is incorporated.

1995 - Four Generations of Farming

For over 120 years and for four generations, the Laubacher family has grown fresh and healthy produce for California and the nation.