Laubacher Farms Organically Grown Veggies

We offer you unique and specialty vegetables grown in rich organic soil in Ventura County.


Rainbow and Swiss


Purple and Green

Summer Squash

Zucchini: Gold Bar, Green & Zepher

Fordhook Lima Beans

By the Case - Fresh Fordhook Beans

Tavera Beans

By the Case - Vert French Baby Beans

Vermont Cranberry Beans

10 lb Case - Brown & Red Mottled Beans

English Shelling Peas

By the Case - Fresh English Shelling Peas

Dandelion Bunches

Dandelion Bunches




Sunflowers, Zinnias, Asters, Bachelor Buttons


Gold and Pink Cherry

Delicata Squash

40 lb Case - Sweet Winter Squash

Musque de Provence Squash

Per 1 lb Specialty Italian Pumpkin

Marina di Chioggia Squash

Per 1 lb - Specialty French Pumpkin

Speckled Swan Gourd

Per 1 lb - Speckled Green Swan Gourd

Baby Corn / Popcorn

By the Case - Robust Miniature Corn



Solar Yellow Carrots

By the Case - Solar Yellow Carrots

Purple Haze Carrots

By the Case - Purple Haze Carrots

Scarlett Nantes Carrots

By the Case - Scarlett Nantes Carrots

Deep Purple Onions

By the Case - Deep Purple Onions

White Scallion Onions

By the Case - White Scallion Onions

Red Frills Mustard

By the Case - Red Frills Mustard

Happy Rich Broccoli

By the Case - Happy Rich Broccoli

Red Beets

By the Case - Fresh Red Beets

Red & White Chioggia Beets

By the Case - Red & White Chioggia Beets


By the Case - Celery


White, Burgundy, Brown

Yellow Beets

By the Case - Yellow Beets


By the Case - Cilantro


By the Case - Spinach

Fava Beans

By the Case - Fava Beans

Black Kale

By the Case